Ven’s Baptism

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of documenting¬†the Baptism of my handsome nephew Steven. Being raised in an LDS household, I’ve never had the opportunity to witness an infant baptism. I have to say, it was very beautiful! I was touched by the love that was felt for this sweet boy by everyone who was there to witness such a special moment. Ven is lucky to be surrounded by so many who love him! And I am definitely a lucky aunt!

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Welcome to my blog!! I am so excited to jump back into my photography again! Previously I was known as RaeAnne Photography, but took a break due to illness. Now that I’m ready to greet life again, I felt I needed a fresh start, so hello from Number 13 Studios! I have big plans and dreams for this brand, and I hope you continue to follow me on my creative journey!

For now, a little bit of spring. This little fella is “nesting” in the roof of my carport. He’s a welcome friend every morning.

 bird 1
bird 2
bird 3
bird 4